The Global Marine Design Story

Global Marine Design (GMD) was founded in 1986 in Western Australia, originally as Mair Yacht Designs and then Gavin Mair Marine Design. 

In the late 80’s and early 90’s, GMD provided naval architecture services to the local commercial fishing industry and recreational trailer boat market.  New vessel designs were provided printed on mylar, to be lofted and cut out by hand on the workshop floor.

Before long, the word got around about this innovative new designer and the portfolio of designs expanded into larger work boats, ferries and fishing vessels for interstate clients.  The first international projects followed soon after throughout Asia-Pacific, Middle East, UK and Europe.  Gavin Mair Marine Design had become a respected global company.

Global Marine Design were there when Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) plasma plate cutting technology came to the marine industry.  1993 saw the first GMD Marine Kit, delivered to the shipyard fully pre-cut and ready to assemble.  Even for these primitive early pre-cut kits the time and cost savings were huge for the builder.   Now some 30 years later GMD has continued to define and refine the pre-cut Marine Kit design and expand our huge catalogue of proven designs.  Our Marine Kit designs remain the number one fastest and most predictable way to build high performance aluminium vessels.

“We exist to make aluminium shipbuilding fast, simple, predictable and enjoyable.  Since 1986, our team has provided premium fixed-price Marine Kit designs to leading shipyards and owners around the world.

With our trusted design system your shipyard can build robust, high performance, client-pleasing vessels without the stress, rework, wastage and delays that come with traditional aluminium boat building.

We have had no intention to be the biggest or do to the most projects, but we absolutely must be the best at what we do.  We measure our success by the ongoing success of the shipyards and vessel operators we work with.”

Jayden Mair, Managing Director