Example Small Boat Drawing Package

Choosing a vessel design to build  at your shipyard can be stressful, time consuming and high risk…

You have probably experienced vessel design packages that consisted of only a handful of drawings, maybe a huge 3D drawing set that didn’t contain enough (or even one) dimension, or pehaps didn’t even exist at all!

It’s a stain on our industry and is unfortunately something that creates pain for builders, vessel owners and top tier designers alike.


At Global Marine Design we take pride in the thought, detail and scope of our shipyard-focussed drawing sets.  We invite you to have a look through an actual construction drawing set for a 11m waterjet monohull, which was successfully launched in 2024.  Please take special note:

 – A 3D model PDF file is provided for all new designs –

– Every frame is detailed, with  important construction dimensions noted –

– A combination of 3D and traditional 2D drawings are used for maximum clarity –

– You also receive an aluminium Materials Ordering List and Kit Part Description –

– PLUS our “Global Guarantee” of unlimited support of the design for the full duration of the build! –

Swipe or use the arrows below to view the entire drawing set for this example 11m monohull.

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