Launching a custom aluminium boat is hard.  Our Marine Kit design system can make it simple, predictable and enjoyable.

“The most efficient, professional and creative boat designer we have worked with in over 20 years of aluminium vessel construction.”

"Our service speed increased by 2 knots and fuel use was reduced by 10%"
Victor Lua, Owner, OceanJet, Philippines
"Using Global Marine Design’s Marine Kits, we’ve grown to be Malaysia’s leading builder of aluminium interceptor patrol vessels"
Simon Goh, Dalac Marine Engineering & Services, Malaysia
"The best sea boat I've ever owned"
Dave Gardiner, Owner, Reef and Beyond Lord Howe Island
"Stable at rest, punches into a head sea with ease, the crew are spoilt. Great hull design by GMD."
John Servaas, Owner, Western Australia
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(Last update 1/05/2024)

Dear Shipyards and Vessel owners,

Successfully launching a new aluminium boat is hard.

You know it.  We know it.

Old mate hanging at the wharf knows it. (and everything else)

There are gremlins waiting to sink their teeth in.

Long wait times for design, metal and equipment.

Rework, scheduling blowouts, fabricator shortages.

Missing pre-cut components, sparse or non-existent drawings

Then you can’t even enjoy launch day until the vessel has proven itself… or not.

Do you slog onward with the devil you know?

Even though you’re not 100% happy with the result?


(If you spent any longer chasing your designer, you’d be an Olympic marathon runner.)

We hear all the stories… 

and it stresses us out.

Like knowing you’ve dropped copper wire in the bilge.

Because here’s the thing…


If you’ve made it this far, in some way shape or form, the design you’re using isn’t what you need it to be.

Or perhaps you’re doing OK… and you just want it to be BETTER.

Higher performance.

More comfort, safety, stability.

Shorter lead time.

Less rework.

More detailed drawings.

Comprehensive pre-cut kit.

Faster builds.

Unlimited support. (Can you believe this isn’t standard everywhere?)

Global guarantee.

What could all of this do for you?

Our proven Marine Kit design system is deployed in over 130 global shipyards, in 27 different countries and has resulted in more than 720 successful vessel launches.

It’s time to take action… choose your option below…

Select your option below.
No cost, no obligation.

Eager to learn?  

Download our FREE report. 

9 Top Tips, Mistakes and Insider Secrets You Must Know to Build the Worlds Best Aluminium Boats

Doing your research?

Or know what you’re after?

View our catalogue, select your preferred vessel and download a FREE design drawing.

Ready to know more? 

We can help!

Contact us to book your FREE 30 minute aluminium vessel design consultation.  (Valued at $450)

What our clients are saying about us… 

Questions? Answers.

A good aluminium boat designer will get to know your requirements inside out.  Only then can they create the optimum path to get you building your dream vessel.  Sometimes that will be by using an existing design, sometimes by modifying an existing design or maybe by completing an all-new custom design.

The designer then completes the naval architecture, scantling design, structure design, digital Marine Kit creation, comprehensive construction drawings and nest/cutting file.  All ready for the builder to commence construction without hold ups.

During construction of the vessel a good designer will provide unlimited support to the builder and vessel owner to ensure the build progresses smoothly.

We do all of that but, unlike some designers, the Global Marine Design team goes beyond just ‘ticking the box’.  We spend the extra time required to truly understand your needs, then produce a shipyard-focussed design and drawing set that is simple for the shop floor to understand and build.

Building a custom aluminium boat is a big investment.  We are here to make it exactly that, an investment.

Unfortunately our industry is largely unregulated, designers come and go, which is why it’s important that we’ve be specialising in aluminium vessel design for over 35 years.  We have hundreds of REAL proven vessel designs and even more vessels successfully launched.

Our entire service is backed by our “Global Guarantee”, which you can learn more about here: Global Guarantee

If you’re serious about building world class aluminium vessels, we can work with you.

If you want to plug into our 35+ years of expericence to improve your next build, we can work with you.

If you understand that good design in so valuable that it pays for itself, we can work with you.

It doesn’t matter if your vessel is large or small, our current design team tackles designs from 5m to 45m, across a diverse range of industries, all around the world.

We’re a design and engineering firm, so we’ll let the numbers speak for themselves.

  • Formed in 1986, we have specialised in aluminium vessel Marine Kit design for 38 years.
  • Over 90% of our business comes from satisfied repeat clients.
  • Our design catalogue contains 420+ unique proven designs.
  • 720+ vessels have been successfully launched using our designs.
  • We have experience working with 134+ global shipyards and boat builders in 27 countries.
  • 100% of vessels builds commenced using our designs have reached completion.
Chances are we’ve already designed your perfect boat, or one that’s damn close.

Absolutely, we offer our ‘Global Guarantee’ to all our clients.  It covers pricing, class approval, lead time, design performance and our unlimited design support.  Find out more about our Global Guarantee here: Global Guarantee

This is a tricky one to answer, and the problem is in the question… Every shipyard and every vessel owner is different, so the custom design to suit their requirements will also be different.  It’s super important for you that your designer recognises this and takes the time to tailor a solution to suit.  Does your shipyard use a particular detail for your vents?  Or a preference to build upright or upside down?  Perhaps you’re 6′ 6″ and need extra headroom throughout your new boat?

The takeaway here is we understand that one size does not fit all, and vary rarely fits a few.  This is why we specialise in gaining a deep understanding of your vessel requirements and creating a custom solution to suit.

We’re looking forward to speaking with you about your next build!



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“We exist to make aluminium shipbuilding fast, simple, predictable and enjoyable.


Since 1986, our team has provided premium fixed-price Marine Kit design to leading shipyards and owners around the world.


With our trusted design system your shipyard can build robust, high performance, client-pleasing vessels without the stress, rework, wastage and delays that come with traditional aluminium boat building”


Jayden Mair – Managing Director


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