Launching a custom aluminium boat is hard.  Our Marine Kit design system can make it simple, predictable and enjoyable.

“The most efficient, professional and creative boat designer we have worked with in over 20 years of aluminium vessel construction.”

"Our service speed increased by 2 knots and fuel use was reduced by 10%"
Victor Lua, Owner, OceanJet, Philippines
"Using Global Marine Design’s Marine Kits, we’ve grown to be Malaysia’s leading builder of aluminium interceptor patrol vessels"
Simon Goh, Dalac Marine Engineering & Services, Malaysia
"The best sea boat I've ever owned"
Dave Gardiner, Owner, Reef and Beyond Lord Howe Island
"Stable at rest, punches into a head sea with ease, the crew are spoilt. Great hull design by GMD."
John Servaas, Owner, Western Australia
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Launching Aluminium Boats Made Easy

Dear Shipyards and Vessel Owners,

Successfully launching a new aluminium boat is hard. You know it. We know it. Old mate hanging at the wharf knows it.

The Challenges

  • Long wait times for design, metal, and equipment.
  • Rework, scheduling blowouts, fabricator shortages.
  • Missing pre-cut components, sparse or non-existent drawings.
  • Stress and uncertainty until the vessel has proven itself.
Do you slog onward with the devil you know?

Even though you’re not 100% happy with the result? Oooft.

(If you spent any longer chasing your designer, you’d be an Olympic marathon runner.)

We Understand Your Pain

We hear all the stories… and it stresses us out. Like knowing you’ve dropped copper wire in the bilge.

Because here’s the thing…

Building World-Class Aluminium Boats Should Be Simple, Predictable, and Enjoyable.

Why Choose Us?

  • Higher performance
  • More comfort, safety, stability
  • Shorter lead time
  • Less rework
  • More detailed drawings
  • Comprehensive pre-cut kit
  • Faster builds
  • Unlimited support (Can you believe this isn’t standard everywhere?)
  • Global guarantee

Take Action Now

Our proven Marine Kit design system is deployed in over 130 global shipyards, in 27 different countries and has resulted in more than 720 successful vessel launches.

It’s time to take action… choose your option below…