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The Fast Air Rider Collar (FARC) was specially developed for speed, comfort and safety for repeat GMD clients Go Beyond Broome.

Carrying 22+2 passengers up the Kimberley’s Horizonal Waterfalls in style, this Air Rider has proven to be an all-round success.

Available with twin or triple outboard configurations, this Air Rider hull can be powered for speeds in excess of 50knots as required.

While this vessel is fitted with rigid aluminium collars, it can also be built as a RHIB to accept inflatable or foam filled collars as preferred.

The 3rd vessel of the series is owned and run by Reef N Beyond charters of Lord Howe Island after upgrading from his 9.3m Air Rider.  Dave says his new Air Rider is “The best sea boat I’ve ever owned”.

Vessel Specifications

Air Rider, Collar & RHIBS, Dive Charter Tourism, Recreation Leisure
Hull Type Air Rider
Hull Length 10.8 m
Overall Length 10.8 m
Beam 3.98 m (moulded)
Total Power 750
Sprint Speed 43 knots
Pax 22
10.8m Air Rider Passenger RIB
Marine Kit Number: MK17111

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17111-010101 10.8m FARC Air Rider

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