As the owner states, "It's bloody terrific; I'm more than happy with it." .

On every lobster boat skipper's wish list is a sharp turning ability, and 'Ultimate Dream' has this in spades. The word is it turns on a dollar. A tabbed, or articulated rudder is the reason, giving a lot of camber to the turning gear and hence a lot of lift. Sideways lift, or turning effect.
Steering like this alters the way a skipper uses his boat. He more or less drives straight at the float and, when it disappears, rounds up. The float comes alongside ready for grappling, with perhaps more than half a minute saved over a conventionally ruddered boat, and a lot more cheaply than one with a side thruster.
Like most effective day boats, 'Ultimate Dream' is a basically simple creation. She is designed to do a straightforward job economically and well, and that is just how Ian Perryman likes it.

With a full keel, this vessel is the ideal fishing/ lobster boat.

Vessel Specifications

Commercial Fishing, Dive Charter Tourism, Work Boat
Hull Type Monohull
Hull Length 11.5 m
Overall Length 12.2 m
Beam 4.1 m (moulded)
Total Power 600hp
Sprint Speed 26 knots
Marine Kit Number: MK02096

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