This excellent 16.6m (Measured Length 15.85m) aluminium monohull, was constructed in Port MacDonnell South Australia by our long term builder and gentleman of the industry, Colin Smith, for owner Stan Priddle.
As the second of this design to be built in Port Mac and sister to the magnificent “Quite Achiever”, it supersedes the previous vessels “Silver Mist” and “Mystique” by way of size and NSCV rule compliance.
This is a superb rough water performer with a good load carrying ability in keeping with the range of rock lobster boats designed by Global Marine Design.

“We went out for a run on what is now the sister vessel to my new boat and a large wave reared up in front of us. I thought “hang on, here goes” and when she landed softer than any other cray boat I had been in, that made my decision very easy. She has turned out to be a truly excellent all round rock lobster boat, speed, comfort, economy and load carrying. What more could I want?”

Barry Williams
Owner of “Aqua Jade”, Rock Lobster Fisherman, Port MacDonnell, South Australia

Vessel Specifications

Commercial Fishing
Hull Type Monohull
Hull Length 15.95 m
Overall Length 16.61 m
Beam 5.03 m (moulded)
Total Power 800 hp
Sprint Speed 24.5 knots
Marine Kit Number: MK 09041

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