“Awesome” was THE FIRST cray boat in its class in Western Australia, to have the fully enclosed raised wheelhouse. The owners, John O’Byrne and Tony Lukatelic knew what they wanted and the concept has since been adopted by several prominent builders. The vision and sea keeping are excellent.

Incorporating the typical GMD deep forefoot hull, this vessel was one of several that broke their moorings and were washed ashore during wild storms in 1997. Retrieved from the sand dunes, it had no hull cracks and was working within a few days of re-launch. A tribute to the design and building technology (and the soft sand dunes).

As with all our shaft drive rock lobster boats, the superb ability to carry load and maintain speed makes this hull very adaptable to a range of marine work applications.

In 2009 it was sold to Jack Topi who now fishes the vessel out of Bluff on the Southern tip of New Zealands South Island. Jack has spoken to us at GMD a few times and raves about his boat and how it can fish in weather when everyone else has gone home. Jack runs an “Awesome” charter business.

Vessel Specifications

Commercial Fishing, Crew Transfer, Dive Charter Tourism, Work Boat
Hull Type Monohull
Hull Length 18.40 m
Overall Length 18.40 m
Beam 16.27 m (moulded)
Total Power 1050 hp
Sprint Speed 26.5 knots
Marine Kit Number: MK 93066

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