• Built for heavy duty work in the Southern Ocean and the ability to fish in various sea states and operate when others cannot.
• Built for 3C survey with a sprint speed of 43 knots. Powered by twin 200hp engines. The ultimate in a trailer able fishing boat.

We encourage feedback from both builders and owners on each boat. The below are comments from the owner;

What is your favourite thing about your new boat?

Response:  The ride is so smooth and dry; the boat just feels capable; and stable at rest too.

 What made you choose GMD for the project?

Response:  Previous performance and reputation of Air Riders boats, “the boats sell themselves really”

Definitely worth travelling for a ride on one if you’re about to drop the cash on a new boat

 How does the performance of the Marine Kit and finished boat compare with your expectations?

Response:  The entire kit fit together perfectly, the vessel layout and performance met expectations, high expectations.

 What was your immediate impression of our Marine Kit and/or design?

Response:  When we turned the hull it looked big, impressive, and you can see how much thought and design work is involved.

 Can you share any hesitations you had about building the vessel? Did the Design/Marine Kit/finished vessel resolve these hesitations?

Response:  I was worried about the draft and weight.  The design is strong but lighter than expected and the draft with outboards is not bad because the deadrise is so high.

 What problem (boat related! 😅) were you struggling with before you started working with us? Has your original problem been solved?  In what way?  What benefits have you seen now that your problem has been solved?

Response:  My previous boats were harsh on the body for long days commercial fishing.  The Air Rider definitely solved that… less chiro bills!

 What surprised you the most or made you the happiest about working with GMD or building our Marine Kit?

Response:  Honesty of the timeline, dates and deadlines given by GMD.  The turnaround time was fast and just as you said.

 Any other comments about your new boat or working with GMD?

Response:  The whole build was a good experience and now I’m really enjoying using the boat. It wont be for sale any time soon!

Anywhere I take the boat people pull up or come over to see it.  Everyone loves it, it’s just so different to what you normally see.

Fishing out off Bremer bay we had 800 kg on the deck, cruises home at 24 knots with ease.

Cruises 0.9km/L up to 1km/L


Vessel Specifications

Hull Type Air Rider
Hull Length 8.0 m
Overall Length 8.1 m
Beam 2.7 m (moulded)
Total Power 400hp
Sprint Speed 43 knots
Marine Kit Number: MK20071

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