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The “Sea Flyte” was developed for efficient low cost passenger operations and with the dual role of Whale Watching. Our deep vee coastal version hull is now used on this same style of ferry, making for much improved ride in rough seas.

“Sea Flyte” has capacity for 277 passengers, 10 luggage crates below deck, and 150 push bikes and is powered by two economical CAT C32 engines which give a lively sprint speed of 28 knots.  The vessel has spent over 20 years running from Hillarys Boat Harbour to Rottnest Island into the predominant South Westerly sea breeze the “Fremantle Doctor”, typically at 20+ knots and 1.5m seas.

“‘Sea Flyte’ is a vessel that was designed to a requirement and has exceeded that requirement in almost all areas, and gives a modern, appealing, dual-purpose, economical vessel for which the designers should receive full credit. Any future ‘Sea Flyte’ style vessels may include subtle changes to suit local and owners’ requirements along with various machinery options, but the end result would be a very successful vessel styled and designed by a team who can give full dedication and effort to a project.”

Ian Steenbhom
(Former Director Boat Torque Cruises)

Vessel Specifications

Passenger Ferry, Dive Charter Tourism
Hull Type Monohull
Hull Length 34 m
Overall Length 35.40 m
Beam 7.3 m (moulded)
Total Power 2640
Sprint Speed 27 knots
Marine Kit Number: MK 95051

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